Strategic Development

Urban Design





"We recognise the need to prepare designs capable of rapid but smoth implementation into the early stages of the project cycle".

Whether working on a regional development strategy, multi-acre new city landscape, a tourist resort or urban park the firm consistently recognizes the need to include landscape and environmental specialists in their planning and architectural work.

The firms approach to landscaping begins with a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between our client's vision of a landscape, preserving cultural and ecological harmony while achieving the economic benefits to all stakeholders from the implementation of shared ideas.

With over 5o years of experience in landscape planning and design in over 50 countries Shankland Cox has a rich repertoire of knowledge and experience to draw on making the firm uniquely suited at delivering world-class design and planning solutions.


Landscape Planning

Since the inception of the firm in 1962 Shankland Cox has consistently recognised the need to include landscape specialist in their planning and architectural work.

Landscape Implementation

The firm is able to offer a full range landscape services from regional analysis right through to the full spectrum of development.