Strategic Development


Urban Design



"We bridge the gap by turning vision into reality"

Our approach to planning begins with an understanding of the complex interaction between a vision of an area, preserving cultural, character and ecological harmony while achieving the economic benefits to all stakeholders from the implementation of shared ideas.

With over 50 years of experience in strategic development and master planning in over 50 countries, Shankland Cox has a rich repertoire of knowledge and experience to draw on making it uniquely suited at delivering planning solutions and world-class design.

Our 'boutique' approach to project management means they focus on intimately understanding their clients and retaining the most experienced specialists when undertaking a given project.

The firm's planning design philosophy seeks to blend aesthetically local styles with functional elements in an environmentally sustainable way. This requires a mutli-disciplinary approach to design to ensure a myriad of interrelated facets such as circulation, infrastructure, visual impact and socio-economic benefits are all carefully appraised in the implementation of the optimal planning solution.

Whether working on a regional development strategy, large new city landscape, a tourist resort or urban park, the firm's team of planners, architects, landscape and urban designers and economists not only consider the site's physical surroundings and the client's needs but also the financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management issues of the project. Please see below for a highlight of some key projects.


Master Planning

Master planning is an art of balancing visionary ideas with practical implementation, which is refined through decades of international experience.


Shankland Cox has experience of transport planning for every form of movement by land, air and water. The firm's capability embraces all aspects of transportation studies and specialist staff can offer a service matched to specific client requirements.

Development Strategies

Shankland Cox has accumulated significant experience over the years in the formulation of development strategies undertaken for regional and metropolitan areas.