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Our firm has extensive experience of all the main aspects of tourism development from national and regional planning to resort design. The firm has completed more than 100 studies for international agencies, governments and the private sector for many different scales of development throughout the world. Shankland Cox has wide-ranging planning and development experience of tourism projects in Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

In carrying out these type of projects the firm has completed marketing analysis where potential development areas have been considered in the context of competing destinations. The viability of tourism development not only depends on the existing market or creation of a new one, but on many other factors such as: Infrastructure and services requirements, socioeconomic conditions and construction costs.

The firm has prepared a variety of tourism development projects, some within the framework of strategic studies at national or regional level, institutional frameworks for implementation and feasibility studies for specific projects.

Major public clients include the World Tourism Organization (WTO), The United Nations (UNDP), The World Bank (IBRD), UNESCO and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


Tourism Plan

The preparation of tourism development plans and detailed design proposals for tourism facilities has been an important part of the firm's activities.

Feasibility studies

The firm is able to offer a full range landscape services from regional analysis right through to the full spectrum of development.