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Strategic Development

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The rapid economic development of the world economies has in large part been built upon a driving economic growth supported by a continuous expansion of key sectors such as international trade, transport and tourism.

Shankland Cox has participated in key studies aimed at identifying appropriate locations for port & airport facilities, industrial parks, logistics facilities and related commercial and industrial uses. These have included studies which examined the requirements for industrial land, port container back up facilities, commericial airport related uses and air cargo.

Shankland Cox take a broad based approach to these analysis often embracing the social, environmental and economic implications of development. In preparing development and strategic plans for rural and urban areas an understanding of the social and economic characteristics of the inhabitants is fundamental to arriving at realistic and viable recommendations.


Strategic Planning & Metropolitan Development

Shankland Cox has accumulated significant experience over the years in the formulation of development strategies undertaken for regional and metropolitan areas.

Sector Development & Economics Studies

Shankland Cox has participated in several economic studies aimed at identifying appropriate requirements for port, airport, logistics and industries in serval countres.