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"Our services start from Master Planning through to detail design, with expertise in all related fields. We produce an integrated construction package for all projects."

To satisfy specific client needs and ensure the optimal solution is implemented in different parts of the world requires a versatile approach to architectural problem-solving.

The firm's architectural services not only include design and implementation of specific buildings but also the ability to undertake investigations and feasibility studies to advise clients on the most appropriate design and construction techniques suited to their particular needs.

The architectural team often work in collaboration with other in-house specialist in planning, landscape, transportation and economics to ensure that development opportunities are assessed in a balanced and coordinated manner with the client's best interest at heart.

The firm's experience ranges from working on extremely low cost schemes through the full spectrum of development types to high cost prestige projects. The practise places emphasis on the setting up of design teams at the inception stage of architectural projects to ensure that brief preparation respects cost limits, programming, management methods and maintenance requirements.


Building Design

Master planning is an art of balancing visionary ideas with practical implementation, which is refined through decades of international experience.

Architectural Lighting, Audio and Visual

Development Strategies

Shankland Cox has accumulated significant experience over the years in the formulation of development strategies undertaken for regional and metropolitan areas.