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The firm is able to offer a full range landscape services from regional analysis right through to the full spectrum of development. The firm's landscape specialists have experience in working in multidisciplinary teams and are well versed in the development process from design, site supervision and contract management. The firm's capabilities include landscape planning, landscape architecture as well as horticulture specialists with experience in design as well as construction and maintenance in temperate, arid, sub-tropical and tropical climes.

The firm has provides landscape input into major engineering projects working directly with engineering consultants and also provides landscape services to architectural consultants involved in building projects and recreational projects.


King Abdullah Financial District Implementation, Saudi Arabia
Client: Rayadah Investment Company (RIC)

Shankland Cox was commissioned to prepare final design and tender documents for a park for the Financial District. The park was intended to enhance the location of the Financial District in the centre of the capital city and provide space for the integration of the parts of the site. The park extends over the highway and provides a centralized Parking facility for the development. The two parts of the development are linked by travelators running under the highway and the monorail linking all the major attractors. The wadi is connected to the park with the use of portals providing facilities in the form of restaurant/ cafeteria and monorail stations.


Yuen Long District Park, Hong Kong
Client: New Territories Development Department

Shankland Cox was appointed to prepare preliminary landscape design for the Yuen Long District Park in the North West New Territories and three areas of local Open Space. The proposed site for the park includes the largest of several small wooded hills to the west of the market town of Yuen Long. The site is surrounded by low lying farmland and fishponds which are currently being reclaimed for the expansion of commercial and residential areas of the town.

The primary purpose of the landscape plan was to ensure that the levels of the reclaimed land and road and pedestrian access routes from the adjacent development could be successfully integrated with the proposed park.

Ultimately the park will form the central feature of the district being the largest area of traffic free public open space in Yuen Long. The studies included a survey of existing trees and an analysis of site conditions to determine the opportunities to retain as many as possible of the already mature trees in the area. In evolving design concepts particular attention was given to pedestrian routes from the park to the town centre and to nearby residential areas. The preliminary designs identified sites for several restaurants, social centres, an active games area with changing rooms, a children's zoo and a walled landscaped garden and lake.