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Urban Renewal

Experience has shown that too much redevelopment can destroy the social and economic life of an existing centre.

It is important therefore to arrive at a sensible balance between conservation and development that allows traditional activities to continue and modern activities to be introduced. Shankland Cox has undertaken many urban renewal projects for existing central areas.

A principal aim of the practise is to prepare realistic urban renewal recommendations that have a significant impact on the quality of the environment, can be readily implemented by responsible authorities and easily understood by the public.

The preparation of urban renewal projects include improvement to low income settlement, urban redevelopment, upgrading of specific districts and preparation of planning policy frameworks to harness private and public sector initiative in the urban renewal efforts.


Al Doho Urban Renewal Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Client: Arriyadh Development Authority

Shankland Cox was commissioned to prepare an urban renewal proposal of a small 200 years old settlement, of around one hectare in size within a very old street block comprising traditional commercial activities of the historic city.

The purpose of the study is to make the historic centre a vibrant part of the city of Riyadh ensuring protection measures and a building programme that reflects the transformation of the area to new roles and functions and to facilitate visitor attraction. The Master Plan for the area comprises of mixed land uses including period house exhibition, craft centre, boutique hotel, family restaurants, serviced apartment and shops.


Sha Tau Kok Redevelopment, New Territories, Hong Kong
Client: Tai Po and Fanling Development Office,
Hong Kong Government

The town of Sha Tau Kok is a border town shared by Hong Kong and China with some 5,000 people living on the Hong Kong side. Significant growth has taken place on the China side of the border and plans are in hand to increase the population and supporting infrastructure.

Shankland Cox was invited to carry out a feasibility study for the redevelopment of Sha Tau Kok and to formulate proposals for implementation. A master plan was prepared to accommodate housing, community services and infrastructure for a population of 6,400. A building programme was proposed that took account of land preparation and infrastructure requirements and the need to rehouse squatter communities directly into public housing.


Comprehensive Redevelopment Study for Central Mongkok, Hong Kong
Client: Land Development Corporation

Shankland Cox was commissioned to carry out a redevelopment study of Central Mongkok and prepare detailed planning proposals for the area.

Development concepts were devised for comprehensive redevelopment of the area covering some 6 hectares. The plan includes three proposed urban development schemes, each with a distinctive urban form, allowing easy access to the different land use components and provides a large civic open space. Opportunities for selective redevelopment outside the comprehensive redevelopment area were also identified. These consist of three development proposals and housing improvements and streetscape enhancement. The recommendations were subject to a financial study which concluded that they would be commercially viable.