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Central Area Design

Many city centre of the world suffer from the problems of traffic congestion, pollution and insufficient infrastructure unable to cope with modern day requirements. In dealing with this areas the principal aim has been to improve the flow of traffic and upgrade the existing infrastructure and building fabric of city centres. In order to achieve this urban design proposals were prepared to retain the best of the existing centre and to make proposals for new development and redevelopment areas within inproved transport network.

Shankland Cox has experience in designing effective sustainable city centre area and supporting transport systems that integrate design and function with new and existing developments.

A major objective of the urban design proposals is to minimize the amount of travel required for the efficient functioning of the area and to deliver solutions that promote walking and cycling, reduce car usage, provide access to public transport and also manage access by goods and emergency services while reducing congestion, traffic danger and noise.


King Abdullah Financial District, Saudi Arabia
Client: Rayadah Investment Company (RIC)

Shankland Cox was commissioned to prepare urban design and landscape proposals for the public realm. This consisted of detailed design and tender documents for five packages of work including the Financial Plaza, general streetscape, the Wadi and the Park in the form of a landbridge. The wadi consists of a modern interpretation providing a central circulation space providing space for retail and communication within the whole development. The wadi is depressed in relation to the road level and links the whole development with the landbridge/ park and the travellators connecting the two parts of the development under the highway.


Fintas Centre, Kuwait
Client: Municipality of Kuwait

Shankland Cox was appointed by the Municipality of Kuwait to undertake the planning and design of a second major commercial centre at Fintas including the preparation of a structure plan as part of the coastal expansion of Kuwait City to the south.

The design proposal covering 150 ha is based on an integrated arrangement of buildings and spaces which includes a large indoor entertainments centre and a regional sports stadium. The centre of the site extends over a central expressway which include a number of linked shopping pavilions containing air conditioned pedestrian malls, clusters of local offices and neighbourhood centre facilities. The centre is surrounded by multi-level parking garages providing 12,000 spaces, mostly under cover and allowing direct access into the shopping malls. The major land uses in the centre include shopping (160,000 sq.m.), offices (280,000 sq.m.) and housing with 400 dwelling units within the development.


Al Ain town Centre Action Area Plan,
United Arab Emirates
Client: Al Ain Municipality

Shankland Cox was commissioned to prepare a design proposal and plans for the town Centre in Al Ain town. The proposed town centre is the focus for regional shopping and tourist facilities with its retail areas of 213,000 square metres. The major climate-controlled shopping centre is overlooking the Al Ain oasis. Surrounding the town centre is the National museum, the town park, the Islamic institute and the grand mosque.


Harbour and Waterfront Action Areas, Hong Kong
Client: Planning Department

The study was required to prepare Action Area plans for selected areas of the Harbour and to indicate the priority scale and type of action required together with preliminary concepts to guide development in these areas. Five locations were selected for the preparation of Action Area Plans including the districts of Central, Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Hung Hom and Quarry Bay, describing the urban setting, opportunities for development, pedestrian access, concepts and proposed built features.


The Museums Cluster, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong.
Client: Private Consortium

Shankland Cox was appointed by a large private development consortium to prepare plans and designs for a museum cluster comprising four museums: the museum of Modern Arts, the Museum of Design, the Museum of the Moving Image and the Children's Interactive Museum.

World renowned institutions, such as the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation, the National Museum of Modern Art of the Centre Pompidou have express interest in a long term involvement in the operations of these museums. The museum operators will play a pivotal role acting as a conduit in providing temporary exhibits and facilitating cross cultural exchanges.


Master Plan for Chongqing Chayuen New District
Chongqing, China
Client: Private

Shankland Cox was commissioned to prepare master planning proposals to develop a centre for the new district in Chongqing. The development incorporate an innovative design of interfacing plazas at different levels integrating access to commercial frontage and buildings sat on podium including office and residential development. The development complement the structure of a civic centre including government offices civic facilities and recreational uses for the district.


Tun Razak Town Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Client: Datuk Bandar, Dewan Bandaraya

Shankland Cox worked in association with a Malaysian consultancy firm and provided project direction, planning co-ordination, transport and landscape design advice. Bandar Tun Razak was designated as one of four growth areas in the Federal Territory. The town is intended to provide services and facilities for a population of 250,000 living in its catchment.

The town centre is designed to provide workplaces, principally in commercial and service activities for up to 50,000 people. The town centre is planned to the south west of three lakes linked in continuous landscaped parkland. Surrounding a core area is a pedestrian network of malls extending from a town square. Service access is provided on the periphery of the core with direct access from distributor roads into multistorey car parks.

Linked access routes are proposed from the car parks into office and shop buildings. The plan provides for an estimated of 1.2 million square feet of office space, 1.7 million square feet of retail space and 4,240 vehicle parking spaces. Central area residential accommodation comprises some 900 in apartments units.